What is a Giact Systems Full File Disclosure?
A Full File Disclosure is made at the request of the consumer (or his/her authorized representative) and includes the personal information that Giact Systems has on file for you the consumer.

What information will I receive in my Giact Systems Full File Disclosure?
The following is a description of the information that will be included in the Full File Disclosure report that you receive:

  • Any information we have on file regarding your bank account status

Is there a cost to me for receiving my Full File Disclosure?
No. Giact Systems offers consumers their Full File Disclosure free of charge once per year. Charges may apply for additional requests.

Is Giact Systems a credit reporting agency, similar to Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion?
Giact System’s does not create credit reports. We are a reseller of check/ach verification (status of bank account) that is compiled and maintained by data providers and national credit reporting agencies. With respect to your Full File Disclosure, we will provide personal bank account status that we maintain at Giact Systems. If the information requested is maintained by a data provider or credit reporting agency that we resell services for, we will provide you their toll free number and address, so you can request your full file disclosure report.

How Do I Correct Information in My Full File Disclosure?
If information reflected within your Giact Systems Full File Disclosure is inaccurate, you may initiate a dispute of the information by contacting us as shown below:

Giact Systems, LLC.
Attention: Consumer Resolutions
P.O. Box 1116
Allen, Texas 75013
(866) 918-2409