Read the latest Aite Group report, U.S. Identity Theft: The Stark Reality, underwritten by GIACT, uncovering the $712B+ in identity theft losses in 2020

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Fraud operators are increasingly using stolen, manipulated, and fabricated identities as the entry point for attacks against both consumers and businesses across the payments ecosystem.

This paper, The Changing Landscape of Identity Fraud: Fraudsters Strike Back, examines recent data and analyses from a variety of sources, including Aite Group, the FTC, Javelin Strategy & Research, and others to highlight the key areas in which organizations from financial institutions to government agencies should focus their attention in the battle against identity fraud.


  • The rising cost of identity-based fraud and how businesses can protect consumers and themselves with safe, secure and reliable transactions;
  • How fraudulent actors continue to exploit weaknesses in established identity proofing processes;
  • As fraud operators boost the efficacy of their attacks, consumers are finding themselves more at-risk than ever before.
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