Reduce the risk associated with customer present and guest checkouts

Our approach

Increase sales and improve customer experience
Instead of turning away customers due to applications containing data discrepancies, GIACT highlights these errors for correction at the point of sale. By doing so, retailers can increase their application approval rate and improved overall customer experience.
Eliminate false positives
Data entry errors are common in retail, but something as minor as a misspelled name could cause a false decline. This results in major losses for retailers, including the loyalty of a good customer. GIACT uses real-time customer intelligence to eliminate false positives and provide accurate and timely verification of the applicant so they could be approved and enrolled at the point of sale.
Reduce risk and control fraud
GIACT helps retailers identify high-risk applicants, mitigating the issuance of loyalty or credit cards to potential fraudsters or high-risk customers, reducing the possibility of product and revenue losses.
Improve customer experience in-store and online
GIACT's EPIC platform allows your company to provide a consistent experience across all lines of business and channels.

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