GIACT Systems Announces The Release Of gIdentity Service

Our suite of identity products are available through our API or Virtual Terminal.   Contact us to get a first hand look at gIdentity™ in action and see how a single lookup can deliver all the information you need.  The gIdentity™ suite includes:

  • gIdentity We designed this identity verification solution to meet compliance regulations for CIP, OFAC and FFIEC while providing the highest level of simplicity, flexibility.  Key identity proofing features:  
    • Watch List Screening
    • SSN and  DL Verification
    • Address Verification
    • Age Verification
    • Phone Verification
    • Address Standardization
    • Address History
  • gIdentity with KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication) – We added dynamic KBA to help you identify clients, meet more stringent compliance requirements and reduce fraud.  Our solution provides real-time out-of-wallet ID authentication questions to confirm the identity of your client, customer or application
  • gIdentity Premium – Mitigate risk and protect your organization with comprehensive data and reporting on businesses and consumers.  This solution is built on an architecture of cutting-edge super computers, smart linking algorithms, and a MASSIVE data repository of public and proprietary records to give you the most powerful, intuitive database for critical information on businesses and people.  Our premium solution requires only minimal input to complete thorough searches on both businesses and consumers, while giving you the ability to select the report that best meets your needs. Searches and reports include:
    • Businesses
      • Current and previous employees, officers and directors
      • Assets
      • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgements
      • Current and historical addresses, DBA’s, and phones
      • Branches, subsidiaries, parent companies, and headquarters
      • UCC Filings
    • People
      • Names, Aliases, and SSN’s
      • Bankruptcies, foreclosures, liens, judgments and criminal history
      • Current and historical addresses
      • Phone numbers (listed and unlisted) and utilities data
      • Relatives, neighbors and associates
      • Assets (property, vehicles, and more)
      • Licenses (drivers, professional, and more)
      • Email and social networks

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