GIACT Helps Protect Disaster Relief Payments for American Red Cross

GIACT Systems, the payment risk management leader, has signed an agreement to provide the American Red Cross with additional protection for disaster relief payments to ensure that critical funds reach victims of natural disasters safely and securely. GIACT solutions will be utilized to confirm victim identities and enable the faster distribution of funds to them in their time of need.

"The American Red Cross is one of the country's most important organizations for preventing and relieving suffering after natural disasters," said Melissa Townsley, co-founder and CEO of GIACT. "We are honored to join them in this mission by ensuring that money intended to help the victims of natural disaster makes it into the right hands without delay or disruption so that they can begin rebuilding their lives."

The American Red Cross will use multiple GIACT solutions as part of its payment risk management process. gIdentify™, gMobile™ and Email Intelligence will confirm victim identities and provide account identification, authentication and verification. Because victims of natural disaster are often left with little other than the clothes on their back and their mobile phone, gMobile will be an important component of the overall solution so that identities can be confirmed in real time no matter where the victim is located.


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