GIACT™ Announces EPIC Platform™

AUSTIN, Texas, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- NACHA PAYMENTS 2017, Booth 601 – GIACT Systems, an industry leader in payment fraud reduction, today announced the launch of the EPIC Platform, a comprehensive suite of payment, identity, authentication, and compliance applications that can be implemented using a single API. Available immediately, the EPIC Platform protects companies and their customers from payments and identity fraud through a fully-integrated, customizable set of solutions that takes a new, multifaceted approach to fraud detection and risk mitigation.

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EPIC can be delivered using both a single direct-connection API or a virtual web portal, giving companies a cost-effective way to defend against multiple types of fraud across the entire lifecycle of a transaction while minimizing customer friction.

The EPIC Platform's capabilities include:

  • Single API integration allows companies to rapidly deploy customized solutions for enrollment, payment, identification, and compliance processes with minimal cost and operational disruption;
  • Positively identify consumer and business accounts using multiple traditional and non-traditional data sources to improve underwriting, risk management, and KYC process;
  • Real-time account verification and authentication of consumers and businesses, including funds verification, prior to customer enrollment or ACH payment processing to confirm status and verify funds availability before item processing;
  • Minimize unauthorized ACH and check returns, which are costly and damaging to a company's reputation;
  • Mobile authentication, identification, and verification in real-time across all customer touchpoints;
  • Ensuring OFAC compliance with real-time processing while reducing false positives.
  • Real-time identity verification and authentication of scanned ID's and check payments

"We have invested thousands of development hours and years of deep industry experience into creating the EPIC Platform," said Melissa Townsley, co-founder and CEO of GIACT. "EPIC will become the gold standard that will define the future of identity, payments, risk, authentication, and compliance industry-wide."

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