gVERIFY provides real-time account verification and check verification for consumers or businesses, so you can be confident an account is valid prior to enrolling customers or processing check or ACH transactions. gVERIFY with Funds Confirmation enables you to confirm status and verify funds availability prior to submitting items for processing.

  • Generate a first indicator of payment risk via an instant, comprehensive picture of account status
  • Access status information on checking or savings accounts directly from financial institutions
  • Confirm the date that an account was added to network, updated, or closed
  • Check over 4 billion records before receiving multiple, actionable response options, from pass through decline
  • Gain deeper insight into likely future trends through analytics on historical account behavior

High Risk Informational
Closed accounts Open, valid account
Non-transactional account Account in NSF status
Account not located Non-DDA
Excessive returns Stop payment


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