gMOBILE provides account identification, authentication, and verification services for mobile users and their devices, delivering real-time customer information across web, mobile, and call centers. By providing accurate, reliable, and actionable data direct from the major wireless carriers, gMOBILE cannot be spoofed or compromised. Additionally, this data enables you to see and track activity within and across all major carriers, whether the account is pre-paid or post-paid. You will no longer have to wait for the data to "catch up" to customer activity, thus facilitating a good customer experience.

The GIACT API allows customers to quickly and easily integrate gMOBILE into their existing workflows. The flexibility of this solution and its architecture allows the service to be run as a standalone service or coupled with other services such as gIDENTIFY, gVERIFY, gAUTHENTICATE, or SecureLink™.

  • Deliver a frictionless experience that requires no additional customer input, scripting, or software downloads.
  • Access real-time customer and carrier information, including ID verification, account ownership, account verification, and recent account changes and updates.
  • Track activity across all major carriers, including account opening, status updates, and fraud.

gMOBILE with Securelink is a suite of seamlessly integrated services that allows you to recognize devices, authenticate customers, and confirm location in real time. Listed below are authorization options:

  • Device Recognition with PIN-based or Customer authorization
    SMS message is sent to end customer (can include purchase amount) with a YES/NO or a PIN response to confirm or provide authorization of a transaction.
  • Device Recognition with Location-Based Authorization
    SMS message is sent to customer with a YES/NO option giving authorization to capture location of customer and device in real time.
  • Email Location-Based Authorization
    Automated email is sent to customer with a link. Once the customer clicks on the link, a confirmation is initiated and the location is returned to the merchant.
  • Voice Response Authorization
    Customer receives an automated outbound call. The customer is prompted with the following options:        
    • Press “1” for consent or authorization
    • Press “2” to decline authorization

The rapid adoption of mobile commerce has driven the need for new and more powerful tools to recognize good customers.

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