gAUTHENTICATE delivers real-time account verification and authentication services to confirm a consumer or business owns the account and is authorized to transact. gAUTHENTICATE uses key account owner and status information such as name, address, social security number, drivers license, date of birth, and other important information to help authenticate the consumer or business.


  • Reduces unauthorized access to customer accounts
  • Eliminate the need for account-owner login credentials
  • Improve customer experience and reduce abandonment rates
  • Reduce unauthorized and administrative ACH and check returns

gAUTHENTICATE with CustomerID helps eliminate false positives by providing additional customer intelligence around business and consumer names, nicknames, birthdates, maiden names, typos, or other data-entry errors. You can also elect to receive additional customer insight, giving you the ability to either confirm the accuracy of the data submitted or receive the correct information to update your customer information file records. By leveraging this service within the same transaction inquiry, CustomerID enables real-time decisioning and creates a positive customer experience by eliminating the need to request additional customer information.

Not all financial institutions contribute signature data or have completed their integration to contribute. CustomerID used in conjunction with gVERIFY authenticates the consumer utilizing consumer data, matching profiles, and alternative data. With our customizable solution, you can leverage all products within one seamless transaction.

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