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Welcome to the EPIC Podcast by GIACT. As industry experts that eat, sleep and breathe within the fraud mitigation space, we'll give you insights on the hot fraud topics of the day, along with insights from our customers so you can learn how to protect your business. And along the way, we will also be providing some insightful episodes about running your business. From building a great culture to digital marketing, selling strategies to training, and more.

Episode 3 Massive Shift to Online Selling

November 16, 2020

In episode 3 of the EPIC Podcast, we focus on the massive shift to online selling due to COVID-19. Some of the questions answered during this episode include how has sales changed in 2020, how has the purchasing process changed and how do sales teams cut through the noise and quickly address the pain points clients and prospects are having. This week, we are joined by Corey Kleinbauer, GM & VP of Sales for U.S. SMB at SAS and Brett Petersen, EVP of Sales and Client Relations at GIACT.

Episode 2 Vendor Management Fraud EPIC Podcast

September 24, 2020

In episode 2, we focus on vendor management fraud. One of the challenges that large companies such as PepsiCo face when verifying and validating suppliers is the sheer volume of vendors being added and the pressure from the business to add them quickly. This week, we are joined by Julie Becker, Accounting Operations, Senior Manager, PepsiCo North America Shared Services and Jeff Caton, SVP and Senior Sales Engineer at GIACT.

Episode 1 Company Culture EPIC Podcast

September 2, 2020

In the inaugural episode of The EPIC Podcast, we focus on company culture and why it matters. This week, we are joined by Melissa Townsley-Solis, co-founder and CEO of GIACT, Merlin Bise, Head of Technology at GIACT, and Chris Ward, EVP, Head of Product and Operations of Treasury Management at PNC Bank.