Money Service Business

From enrolling customers to faster claims processing, disbursements and resolutions, GIACT provides a suite of reliable, real-time fraud prevention tools.

Our approach

Accept new customers confidently
GIACT reduces the risk of fraud, increases enrollment of qualified customers, lowers costs for NSF and ACH charges, and supports Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
Reduce risk and control fraud
GIACT flags high-risk enrollment applications based on the insurer’s thresholds, allowing them to reduce risk, control fraud, and help mitigate the potential for millions of dollars in fraudulent losses.
Eliminate false positives
GIACT helps MSBs catch data discrepancies such as misspellings, nicknames, or improperly entered data. With real-time customer intelligence, GIACT was able to verify the information and eliminate false positives so there were no delays in application processing.
Easy enrollment, improved customer experience
By leveraging real-time access to customer data, MSBs can confirm identity and bank account status, mitigate risk exposure, reduce costs, and facilitate quick, easy enrollment.

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