Gaining Visibility into Identity Verification Blind Spots

In much the same way that age affects our vision, the efforts of fraudsters are harder to discern because the tools and techniques used to verify identity have become less effective over time. These “identity blind spots” are exposing organizations to unnecessarily high rates of application fraud. To correct this dynamic, changes must be made that take into account where traditional solutions for verifying identity are losing fidelity and the opportunities that exist to leverage a wider array of data than has been considered in the past.

Join Javelin and GIACT as they explore this phenomenon, shining a light on the ways that traditional approaches to identity verification are failing and how a new approach to identity proofing can make fraud attempts easier to detect and prevent – reducing the rate of fraud and better protecting the identities of consumers from misuse.

Key questions this webinar will answer:

  • Why has the traditional approach to verifying identity failed?
  • What types of the techniques are fraudsters using to take advantage of identity blind spots?
  • How has fraud grown over the last few years as a result?
  • What has been the effect on consumers from rampant identity fraud?
  • How can new tools and techniques be used to eliminate these identity blind spots?

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