Javelin Strategy & Research Features GIACT Systems in Annual Identity Proofing Platform Scorecard

DALLAS, TX — GIACT Systems, the industry leader in payment fraud reduction, today announced that it was named a Contender in the Javelin 2017 Identity Proofing Platform Awards, in the Functional and Innovative categories among 23 vendors evaluated. The award was based on GIACT’s gIDENTIFY®, which helps financial institutions and other payment providers positively identify customers in real-time.

Javelin’s inaugural Identity Proofing Platform scorecard provides financial institutions and other identity-reliant businesses with a view into the identity proofing vendor landscape, to better assess their current capabilities against modern fraud threats and to facilitate the process of identifying potential new partners. GIACT’s gIdentify, part of the Epic Platform, was evaluated for its ability to successfully identity proof a range of use cases including account opening and device enrollment, among others. gIdentify was recognized for its innovative feature set that differentiates it from other vendors.

In order to successfully discern between fraudsters and legitimate customers, financial institutions must be able to bring a wide range of capabilities to bear as part of their identity proofing workflows. Based on our research, GIACT Systems' offers one of the most functional solutions that FIs, payment providers, and others can bring to bear in assessing identity.

SVP, Research and Head of Fraud & Security
Javelin Strategy & Research

“We are honored that gIdentify was selected by Javelin for this recognition,” said Melissa Townsley, co-founder and CEO of GIACT. “At GIACT, we are committed to making the EPIC Platform® the industry leader in identity proofing and we continue to innovate our solutions to suit the evolving fraud landscape and meet the needs of our clients.”

–via PRNewswire