Enhance underwriting, reduce payment fraud, expedite claim processing and stay in compliance with KYC requirements

Our approach

Enroll new customers with confidence across all channels
From online, to mobile, to call-center, the EPIC Platform reduces the risk of fraudulent customers creating new accounts using synthetic identities or falsified customer information. Real-time customer verification is enriched with up to 10 knowledge-based authentication questions and fully-configurable out-of-band authentication (text, email and call). Customer data collection is automated with both web- and app-based scanning and parsing ability.
Eliminate payments fraud when collecting payments and sending disbursements
Confirm bank account ownership and status and verify customer transaction authority in real time to prevent unauthorized and administrative ACH returns. Create customized negative file watch lists with custom alerts for non-ACH accounts and abusive account activity. Verify account ownership prior to processing disbursements and claims to eliminate payment errors, and fraud
Strengthen identity proofing at every customer touchpoint
Prevent fraud and protect customers through strengthened, real-time identity, mobile and account verification and account ownership authentication.
Ensure compliance and meet regulatory standards
Meet enrollment or underwriting requirements as well as KYC requirements with GIACT's suite of compliance solutions. Implement an industry-leading OFAC compliant identity verification system as well as bank account verification, account authentication and mobile verification.

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