In 2015, one of the country’s premier retailers used GIACT to process 250,000 credit and loyalty card enrollment applications. Here’s how we helped them reduce risk—and increase sales.

Identity Challenge:

Our client needed a fact-based decision process to accept good customers, flag high-risk applications, and automate exceptions processing—all within seconds, at the point of sale. Data entry errors are common in retail, but something as minor as a misspelled name could cause a false decline. This results in major losses for retailers, including the loyalty of a good customer.

GIACT Solution:

Instead of turning away customers due to applications containing data discrepancies, GIACT highlighted these errors for correction at the point of sale. As a result, GIACT increased our client's application approval rate and improved the overall customer experience.

By the Numbers:

85% of applications were passed in real time at the point of sale.

11% of applications were identified by GIACT as having a data discrepancy that required additional information from the customer or re-keying by the sales professional at the point of sale. Such discrepancies included nicknames, misspellings, or improperly entered account numbers. While other solutions would have simply declined these good customers, GIACT used real-time customer intelligence to eliminate false positives and provide accurate and timely verification of the applicant so they could be approved and enrolled at the point of sale.

4% of applications were flagged as high-risk, mitigating the issuance of loyalty or credit cards to potential fraudsters or high-risk customers, saving millions of dollars in potential lost product and revenue.


  • Reduced payment risk and fraud
  • Eliminated false positives
  • Improved collections
  • Lowered costs
  • Improved customer experience

GIACT Helps a Premier Retailer Reduce Risk

GIACT is committed to helping retailers improve their customer experience, while reducing fraud. Let us develop a custom solution for your business.