EPIC Solution

Faster Customer Enrollment

GIACT's solutions for account verification, account ownership, ID verification, and mobile deliver accurate, real-time information—so you can enroll customers quickly and efficiently and mitigate fraud and risk.

Secure and Faster Payments

GIACT's comprehensive solutions help businesses reduce payment risk and fraud. We perform OFAC-compliant CustomerID™, check verification, account ownership, and mobile verification in real time. As a result, you can speed up the payment process—and deliver a world-class customer experience.

Accurate Identity

GIACT doesn't just protect you, our clients—we also protect your customers. By providing accurate data, error-free reporting, and streamlined payment risk solutions, we help you deliver a fast, problem-free payment experience to your customers. And because our fraud prevention solutions include ID verification, mobile verification, account verification, and account ownership authentication, we also help prevent unauthorized purchases at your business and protect your customers.

Unmatched Compliance

Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance is critical in preventing fraud and meeting enrollment or underwriting requirements. With industry-leading OFAC-compliant ID verification, bank account verification, account authentication, and mobile verification, GIACT makes it easy to meet KYC requirements.

In 2015, one of the country’s leading marketplace lenders used GIACT to process more than 350,000 loan applications. Here’s how we helped them verify identity and reduce risk, in order to safely generate more revenue.

Payment Challenge:

Peer-to-peer lenders face the same high risks as conventional financial institutions. Our client wanted to increase revenue by improving the loan approval process. They needed real-time account and identity information to make fast loan decisions, while still meeting stringent Know Your Customer requirements.

GIACT Solution:

GIACT provided accurate customer information in real time—we also identified data discrepancies for correction at the point of enrollment, allowing our client to accept more qualified applicants.

By the Numbers:

89% of applications passed immediately.

7% of enrollment applications were flagged as having data discrepancies such as misspellings, nicknames, or improperly entered data. With real-time customer intelligence, GIACT was able to verify the information and eliminate false positives so there were no delays in application processing. For applications that required further validation, our client was able to request the information during the initial enrollment process to increase the approval rate and improve the customer experience.

4% of applications were flagged as high-risk based on the lender’s thresholds, enabling them to mitigate risk, control fraud, and optimize portfolio performance in real time.


  • Improved loan approval process
  • Mitigated losses
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced competitive position

GIACT is committed to helping the financial service industry increase revenue and reduce risk. Let us develop a custom solution for your company.