Wonder whether GIACT™'s solutions could work for your business?

Take a look at the links below to see how GIACT worked for these clients to reduce risk, avoid losses, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience with accurate, timely information.

GIACT Helps a Lender Approve More Qualified Applications and Increase Revenue

How Financial Institutions Mitigate Loss and Control Fraud

Learn how GIACT helped a leading marketplace lender identify high-risk customers to mitigate $180 million in potential loan losses.

GIACT Helps Insurance Companies Reduce Fraud

How Insurance Companies Mitigate Fraud

GIACT assisted a top 10 insurance company in reducing millions of potential losses by identifying 7% of applications as high-risk during the enrollment process.

GIACT Helps a Premier Retailer Reduce Risk

How Retailers Increase Revenue and Loyalty

Read about how a premier retailer was able to increase credit and loyalty card enrollment 11%, by identifying and resolving data discrepancies at the point of sale.