GIACT and Advanced Fraud Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

Dallas, Texas – GIACT® Systems and Advanced Fraud Solutions (AFS) today announced a strategic partnership to enhance AFS’s TrueChecks® solution with GIACT’s EPIC Platform®. The joint solution gives retailers and other billers the ability to verify account status and investigate any history of account fraud, prior to accepting payment in order to reduce returned items.

The partnership between GIACT and AFS will allow the two companies to jointly deliver payments fraud prevention software to the retail market at a level previously only available to financial institutions. Any business using draftable accounts to process or guarantee payments will now be able to take advantage of the powerful combination of AFS’s TrueChecks database and GIACT’s gVERIFY® information when authenticating transactions.

In this age of rapidly-evolving fraud attempts, businesses of all types need to be constantly enhancing their ability to prevent fraud. Our partnership with GIACT will give our non-FSO customers a sophisticated set of tools to identify and prevent identity and payments fraud in real-time, all within the existing AFS product suite.

President and CEO of AFS

“The combination of GIACT’s verification services with TrueChecks will be a powerful tool for retailers, billers and others to improve their ability to prevent payments fraud,” said Melissa Townsley-Solis, co-founder and CEO of GIACT. “We are pleased to partner with AFS to bring the EPIC Platform® to a larger network of businesses nationwide.”

About AFS

Advanced Fraud Solutions has been a trusted leader in providing fraud mitigation tools to the financial institution market for nearly a decade. Our products address a wide range of needs that the financial institution has, including check fraud, card fraud, and online banking fraud. Advanced Fraud Solutions is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, combining customer feedback with our trusted fraud prevention knowledge in order to build innovative products, and improve upon our established market solutions. Today, we have over 500 financial institutions nationwide utilizing a wide variety of fraud prevention tools, yet still subscribing to the idea that sharing high-risk information is the best approach to fighting fraud. For more information on AFS, please visit

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