Read the latest Aite Group report, U.S. Identity Theft: The Stark Reality, underwritten by GIACT, uncovering the $712B+ in identity theft losses in 2020

The EPIC Platform®
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Expedite enrollments while minimizing the risks of new account fraud.

Expedite enrollments while minimizing the risks of new account fraud.
Accept new customers with confidence
Roll out new products, expand geographically with less risk.
Prevent enrollment fraud in real time
Verify bank account ownership and customer identities at the point of enrollment —so you can quickly and efficiently mitigate fraud and risk.
Incorporate non-traditional data sources
Check over a billion attributes across multiple data sources from identity to payments data to confirm consumer and business identities as well as verifying bank account status and ownership in real-time.
Put a stop to true name and synthetic identity fraud
Manage your customer enrollments and changes to existing account by preventing identity fraud and account takeover at every customer touchpoint.


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Optimize your identification processes

Real-time identity verification that utilizes both traditional and non-traditional data with over 100,000 attributes which provides accuracy that is superior to other competing products.

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Effortlessly meet all KYC requirements

Eliminate false positives and accelerate compliance processing with automated real-time OFAC screening.

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Verify account status before payment processing

Confirm bank account status in real time, intelligence in seconds allowing for expedited payments and disbursements without inadvertently accelerating fraud.processes across all customer service channels, including web, mobile, and call center.

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Confirm account ownership and authority to transact prior to payment processing

Confirm account ownership and transaction authority prior to payment or disbursement processing to reduce returns and fees.

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