Reduce fraud risk and increase sales using fact-based decision processing to accept good customers, flag high-risk shipments and payments

Our approach

Verify customers full identity
Reduce your risk with guest checkouts and one-time purchases. Detect synthetic identify and true name fraud by utilizing gIDENTIFY with Email and Social Intelligence. GIACT's Epic Platform provides seamless decisioning utilizing multiple solutions in a single inquiry giving you a comprehensive view into the digital DNA of your customer.
Alternative communication
Utilize customizable out-of-band authentication technology allows you to communicate via text, email or phone calls to confirm the customers identity, changes in payments, and alternative shipping addresses.
Accept payments with confidence
Verify bank account status and account ownership to ensure account validity and authorization to transact.
Reduce application errors provide quick customer friendly enrollments
Reduce enrollment and payment errors by allowing the customer to scan a copy of an ID, credit or debit card, or check to prefill an application or guest checkout. GIACT's EPIC Platform can then process the information collected to provide identity and payment validation within seconds

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