GIACT™ Payment Risk Solutions

Prevent fraudulent purchases. Mitigate payment acceptance risks. Reduce losses due to insufficient funds. GIACT’s comprehensive solutions help businesses reduce payment risk and fraud. We perform OFAC-compliant CustomerID™, check verification, account ownership, and mobile verification in real time. As a result, you can speed up the payment process—and deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

Accept payments in seconds.

When customers are ready to buy, the last thing you want to do is impede the transaction with latency—and with GIACT payment risk solutions, you don’t have to. Access consumer and business data with a single inquiry, and get results immediately. We access over 4 billion records, resulting in a pass or decline response. We confirm the dates that new accounts were added, updated, or closed, enabling you to be confident an account is valid prior to approving transactions.

Verify funds availability for one-time or recurring payments.

Mitigate payment risk by verifying account status and funds availability prior to debiting an account for one-time or monthly transactions, such as loan payments, gym memberships, or insurance premiums. When customers update their payment information, confirm the new account is open, active, and has a positive status with gVERIFY™. Also, authenticate account ownership and signature authority with gAUTHENTICATE™. For NSF (non-sufficient funds) accounts, Funds Confirmation ensures that accounts have a positive balance before payments are resubmitted. Our payment risk solutions can lower return percentages, reduce return costs associated with ACH and checks, and make your business more profitable.

Your customers are mobile. Is your fraud prevention?

More and more customers purchase from mobile devices—making it even more challenging for you to recognize good customers. With gMOBILE™, GIACT provides accurate account verification and authentication for mobile users and devices, delivering real-time customer information across web, mobile, and call centers. Our solution uses data derived from all major wireless carriers, providing over 95% coverage and giving you the ability to deliver a frictionless experience that requires no additional customer input, scripting, or software downloads.

Customizable Payment Risk Solutions

Want to customize your payment risk solutions? No problem. At a business or transaction level, our fully integrated solutions allow you to select and customize the services that meet your specific requirements.