GIACT™ Customer Identity Solutions

GIACT doesn’t just protect our clients—we also protect yours. By providing accurate data, error-free reporting, and streamlined payment risk solutions, we enable you to provide customers a fast, problem-free enrollment or payment experience. Our fraud prevention solutions include OFAC screening, ID verification, mobile verification, account verification, and account authentication. We help prevent unauthorized purchases at your business, protecting your customers from fraudulent transactions.

Know your customers, in real time

gIDENTIFY™ and gOFAC™ search multiple databases, with over 100,000 individual attributes, in real time, so customers don’t have to wait to complete their enrollment or purchase. Confirm the customer’s bank account is open and valid and verify the customer is an authorized signer with gVERIFY™ and gAUTHENTICATE™—all in the same transaction in less than a second.  

Mobile customers don’t have to be an issue. With mobile shopping increasing by more than 50% during the 2015 holiday season (Source: ComScore®), it is important to be able to verify and identify who is processing the application or payment using a mobile device. With gMOBILE™, GIACT provides accurate account verification and authentication for mobile users and devices, delivering real-time customer information across web, mobile, and call centers. Our solution uses data derived from all major wireless carriers, providing over 95% coverage giving you the ability to deliver a frictionless experience that requires no additional customer input, scripting or software downloads.

Risk and Underwriting—Automated

gIDENTIFY™, gOFAC™, and our alternative data provide real-time validation of business entities, business owners, and company officers. Our coverage not only locates the established and large corporations, but also gives you the ability to find newly formed and small and medium-sized businesses that our competitors are unable to identify. Because our solution is customizable, you are able to determine the level of reporting required to help complete review of new merchant or ACH accounts, meet Know Your Customer and OFAC requirements, and facilitate routine audit checks to comply with updated regulations.

Accurate data enhances customer experience.

Inaccurate information can generate “false positive” declines, offending your good customers. We take multiple steps to ensure customer data accuracy. Our verification solutions flag inaccurate data instantly—whether it’s a misspelled name, inaccurate address, or an incorrect phone number—helping you eliminate errors in your customer records.

Confirming Identity, Preventing Fraud

Over 13 million Americans are victimized by identity theft every year. Every 3 seconds, someones identity is stolen, and within minutes, their personal financial life can be destroyed. Javelin Strategy & Research reports that direct and indirect losses from identity theft totaled $16 billion in 2014. While these costs are staggering to retailers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and other businesses, consumers ultimately pay the price. Our gIDENTIFY™, gMOBILE™, gVERIFY™, and gAUTHENTICATE™ solutions help prevent would-be thieves from making purchases on unauthorized accounts.