GIACT™ Customer Enrollment Solutions

Whether you’re enrolling customers for services, credit and debit cards, or loyalty programs; responding to loan requests; or signing up new insurance policy holders, it’s important to know your customers are who they say they are, from their identity to their payment account. GIACT can help. Our OFAC-compliant ID verification, account verification, account ownership, and mobile solutions deliver the information you need to make fast, fully informed, fact-based decisions.

Quick, Easy Customer Enrollment

Sign up your customers in seconds with gIDENTIFY™ and gOFAC™. Our solutions deliver the most comprehensive and reliable data available, covering more than 100,000 individual attributes across multiple sources, to confirm consumer and business identities for complying with Know Your Customer requirements.

Verify mobile users and their devices with gMOBILE™, which gives you the ability to see and track activity within and across all major carriers. With over 95% coverage, you are able to deliver a frictionless experience that requires no additional customer input, scripting, or software downloads.

Prior to completing enrollment or accepting payment, verify—in real time—the customer’s ability to transact by verifying the status of their account and authenticating they are an authorized signer with gVERIFY™ and gAUTHENTICATE™. We access over 4 billion records, resulting in a pass or decline response. We confirm the dates that new accounts were added, updated, or closed, enabling you to be confident an account is valid prior to approving transactions.

Accurate, Comprehensive, Real-Time Data

Identify and reduce fraud, risk, and back-office collections, as well as correct data entry errors before enrollments are finalized. Utilizing CustomerID™, information is verified, eliminating false positives so there are no delays. GIACT’s data coverage and accuracy exceed any competing solution.

Customizable Solutions

Every company is different—and we recognize that you may have unique needs. Let us know how we can best support your unique enrollment process.