From account opening, application processing, disbursements, beneficial ownership collection and OFAC checking, GIACT provides a suite of reliable, real-time fraud prevention tools

Our approach

Onboard new customers confidently
GIACT's AML technology reduces the risk of fraud, increases enrollment of qualified customers, supports Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.
Reduce risk and control fraud
Easily identify complex true name, and synthetic identity fraud with ease, allowing you to improve overall customer onboarding experience. Coupling out of band technologies with the ability to scan ID's or documents in real-time provides an alternative verification in lieu of sending customers into a branch.
Eliminate false declines
Increase approval percentages by utilizing factual, up to date, real time identity data made up of traditional and non-traditional data sources.
Protect your FI and your customers at every touchpoint
By leveraging the real-time EPIC Platform banks can prevent fraudulent applications, verify disbursements, validate existing customer profile changes, and satisfy OFAC and beneficial ownership requirements all in one easy to integrate real-time platform.

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