Tim - IT

It has been a pleasure to work with the team at GIACT since early 2010. We implemented their verification service when we developed and launched our permit and inspection management system for the city. The support staff at GIACT helped to make our integration of their API a seamless one. They are quick to answer questions and gave us great support and plenty of lead time when they rolled out their recent upgrade. To be honest, it’s not something we have to think about very often because their process works and they support it wonderfully. I heartily recommend GIACT!

Tom - CEO
Online Service Provider

I have worked with and used GIACT Systems for approximately 8 years. I have been in the payments industry for 12 years and have never found any other company to be as professional and competent as GIACT. I have been to their business personally and witnessed their systems firsthand and have the utmost confidence in them. I have referred customers to them for the 8 years that I have known them and find them to be, without question, the best at the services they provide.

Joel - VP
Financial Institution

I began working with GIACT in 2008 and have always found them to be the utmost professionals in all of their
 dealings. Their customer service attributes are irreproachable—GIACT has always had a client-centric approach for new businesses and existing businesses alike. They continuously stay abreast of the latest technology and are always seeking ways to assist clients in obtaining efficiencies or expanding their customer base.

Julie - Senior Product Manager
Finance Fintech

GIACT adds tremendous value to our business. They not only reliably provide data that is crucial to our business operations, but their management also goes out of its way to ensure that we can leverage their products to the fullest.

Chris - CEO
Financial Service Company

During the many years we have worked with GIACT, we have watched their product consistently reduce ACH returns and related fees. Their data is always fresh, never stale, and they do a fantastic job of keeping up with the current demands associated with mitigating fraud. Not only is their integration fast, responsive, and easy, their customer service is also stellar.