What is GIACT?
GIACT is on the forefront of helping companies eliminate payments risk and identity fraud, verify customers, and stay in compliance with KYC requirements. Our technology solutions are currently deployed at over 1,000 companies, ranging in size from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietors and spanning a diverse range of industries that rely on our customer intelligence to provide complete payment confidence and protect their customers.

Since its founding in 2004, GIACT’s solutions have been used to process over 1 billion transactions. At the core of GIACT is a respected team of payments, risk, and technology security experts focused on creating and delivering innovative solutions that protect companies and their customers from payments fraud. Dedicated to creating solutions that are customizable, rapidly-deployable, and accurate, we believe that ensuring our customers’ success is the key to our own success.

What makes GIACT different?
We are the only financial technology provider that offers a complete set of enrollment, payment, identity, compliance, and mobile solutions built on a single platform -- the EPIC Platform™. EPIC enables rapid, cost-effective implementations with built-in flexibility to accommodate any legacy environment. All of the services on EPIC -- from payments to authentication to risk mitigation -- are accessible using a single API with universal real-time processing and fact-based decisioning, enabling us to quickly customize solutions specific to each client’s unique business and technical needs.

Who are GIACT’s customers?
Our solutions are in use by over 1,000 companies across multiple industries in the U.S., including Banking, Billers, Communications, Government, Insurance, Lending, MSB, Retail, Tax Preparation, Utility Providers and more. With the largest real-time network of account verification and authentication services, we are proud to maintain a client retention rate of over 99%.

What is the EPIC Platform™?
The EPIC Platform protects companies and their customers from payments and identity fraud through a comprehensive suite of solutions and a multifaceted approach to fraud detection and risk mitigation.
EPIC can be delivered using both a single direct-connection API or a virtual web portal, giving companies a cost-effective way to defend against multiple types of fraud across the entire lifecycle of a payment without creating customer friction.
The EPIC Platform’s capabilities include:

  • Positively identifying consumer and business using multiple traditional and non-traditional data sources to improve underwriting, risk management, and KYC processes;
  • Verifying accounts and checks of consumers and businesses, including funds verification, prior to customer enrollment or ACH payment processing to confirm status and verify funds availability before item processing;
  • Authenticating account owners in real-time to eliminate unauthorized account access and minimize ACH check returns;
  • Providing real-time account identification, authentication, and verification services for mobile users and their devices across all customer touchpoints;
  • Ensuring compliance with OFAC requirements with real-time processing while reducing false positives.