Melissa Brown, Co-Founder & CEO

Melissa serves as Chief Executive Officer and sets the strategic direction for GIACT with a focus on operational excellence, integrity, and innovation. Driven by her client-first approach and straight-forward communication style, Melissa has overseen the company’s rapid growth to over 1 billion transactions now secured and verified while earning the trust of both large and small enterprises. Prior to introducing GIACT’s payment risk solutions, Melissa gained extensive hands-on experience in payment processing, risk mitigation, and compliance, which ultimately enabled her to identify the market need for better information in accepting electronic payments.

Merlin Bise, Co-Founder & CTO

Merlin serves as Chief Technology Officer and maintains GIACT’s expansive, real-time, and proprietary data while setting the vision for new product development. Widely respected as a thought leader in the payment risk industry, Merlin applies his thorough understanding of the entire payments ecosystem to gather and deliver actionable intelligence to customers wanting to accept electronic payments in confidence. Prior to launching GIACT’s payment risk solutions, Merlin obtained significant technical and infrastructure expertise in a variety of industries, all requiring stringent performance credentials for network reliability and data security that has served as the foundation for GIACT’s trusted performance and painless integration.

Benjamin Guion, CFO

Benjamin serves as Chief Financial Officer and provides senior leadership to GIACT’s accounting and financial operations. With a tenured career as a senior financial professional in the banking and payments industry, Benjamin not only ensures accurate and compliant-driven back-office operations, but also adds significant knowledge and insights into the money and banking network. Prior to joining GIACT, Benjamin served as COO and CFO of New Dominion Bank and CAO and CFO of a predecessor bank of SouthTrust. He started his career at Peat Marwick & Mitchell (now KPMG) as a Senior Auditor in the financial services practice.

Robert McAlear, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Product Strategy

Robert serves as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy with a concentrated focus on listening to customers’ payment risk needs in order to deliver winning solutions. With over 20 years experience in global payments and fraud prevention, Robert provides strong leadership in marketing, messaging, and product, which allows him to collaborate with C-Suite, business units, and internal product teams. Prior to joining GIACT, Robert held senior management positions at Chase Paymentech, Vantiv, Accertify, and TeleCheck.

Jeff Givens, Executive Vice President, Sales

Jeff serves as Executive Vice President of Sales and leads the sales organization along with strategic partnerships and channels sales. With over 25 years experience in financial services and risk mitigation, Jeff provides strong strategy and leadership experience in technology sales that allows him to clearly evaluate customer needs with a skill set that consistently drives results. Prior to joining GIACT, Jeff held senior management positions at Fiserv and EDS.

Holly Merrill, AAP, Chief Compliance Officer

Holly serves as Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for developing, implementing, and administrating GIACT’s compliance program. As an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) and former Director on the national boards and executive committees of both NACHA and NOCH, Holly is uniquely qualified to share strategic guidance on the best practices for implementing and monitoring compliance-oriented controls and risk management procedures. Prior to joining GIACT, Holly held senior leadership positions at BillingTree and at a Regional Payments Association with responsibility over the Check Clearing House and a private sector ACH Operator where she provided audit, educational programs, processing, and rules/regulatory support.