Protecting you and your customers at every touchpoint


Prevent fraudulent account openings

Open new accounts in real-time while reducing true name and synthetic identity fraud



Prevent unauthorized payments

Confirm bank account ownership and status in real-time before processing payments



Validate customer identity in real-time

Verify identities with confidence using configurable multifactor authentication



Satisfy KYC requirements

Stay in compliance with up-to-date, automated OFAC and Beneficial Ownership screening


Our Fraud Detection Services Work For Any Industry

The EPIC Platform™ safeguards the complete customer lifecycle, from enrollments to payments, identity, and compliance. The entire platform is available in real-time or batch processing and is accessible via a single API or virtual terminal to provide enterprise-level customization and scalability.

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In a financial services market where great customer experiences are central to competitive advantage, streamlined on-boarding is a must—whether it’s in-person, over the phone, or online. Lear about the latest best practices in digital on-boarding.
Fraud now accounts for 5-10% of all claims-related costs in the U.S., with about one-third of insurers reporting percentages as high as 20%. To simultaneously overcome both these challenges, insurers need to drive fraud out of the claims and payments process without adding policyholder friction. Learn more
“Companies have siloed enrollments away from payment and identification — they treat them as separate entities. But fraud operators are comprehensive in their attacks, which means the companies holding them off need to be as well." - David Barnhardt, EVP of Product, GIACT

"We constantly invest in our technology to arm our customers with the most powerful suite of real-time fraud prevention tools available."

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We empower businesses with fraud detection services
to make their enterprise and customers safe.

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