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Payment fraud losses impact financial institutions, businesses, and government agencies. Whether it is from forgery, counterfeiting, alterations, paperhanging, or kiting, the end result is the same. Utilizing positive and negative status information, contributed directly from financial institutions, our gVerify service assists both merchants and banks in significantly reducing the risk associated with accepting checks/ACH payments. Fraud and attempts at fraud are major issues, which all companies must protect against. Fraud can happen to any company, regardless of the size. Our gAuthenticate service is designed to dramatically reduce the risk of accepting payments and/or enrollment of services, by giving you the ability to identify if the person is an authorized signer and if the account is open, valid and in a positive status. ID Verification helps you know your customers and saves you time and money. Our gIdentity service provides the necessary information to make decisions that can impact your bottom line. gIdentity is the most popular solution for domestic identity verification. Designed with the end user in mind, gIdentity delivers a wide array of reliable consumer data with a single lookup. Your number one goal is to grow your business. Choose Giact as your full service payments solutions partner. In addition to providing integrated bank account verification and customer ID, set up a merchant account to accept payments online, by phone and in person with top customer service 24/7/365. Make it easy and convenient for your customers to pay through ACH, RDC and credit card.
Built on reliability and trust, Giact Systems offers our customers the most comprehensive suite of risk management services that allows your company to accept payments with confidence. For 10+ years, our reputation has been our most important asset. We have a long standing A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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