Take the guesswork out of payment risk.

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We offer easy to use payment risk services that allow you to recognize good customers and to detect fraud and stop bad customers.

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We maintain the largest real- time network of individual, business, and account information to mitigate payment risk - all easily integrated into your existing workflow.

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You can reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction with fact-based real-time data.  "Zero Pain" Integration means faster Implementation driving immediate results.


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Over 1,000 customers with 1,285,342,162 transactions processed

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02 JUL

Protect Your Business From ACH Risk

Every year, more Americans use ACH (Automated Clearing House) to send and receive payments, replacing traditional check processing in a way that boosts efficiency and cuts processing expenses. People and businesses can initiate ACH transfers on the Internet or by phone. It's also possible to bypass…

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25 JUN

New ACH Rules - Don’t Get Cut Off

If your company uses ACH (Automated Clearing House) to bill your customers, it's crucial to prepare for the upcoming changes to NACHA regulations. The association plans to cut its unauthorized return rate threshold in half, lowering the limit to 0.5 percent on September 18, 2015.  The new rules…

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18 JUN

It's Time to Trust Checks Again

Many people still prefer to make purchases with personal checks, especially when they buy expensive goods. This method also comes in handy when customers reach their credit limits or technical problems cause electronic payments to fail. Although Americans increasingly use payment cards for small…

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