Take the guesswork out of payment risk.

Verify. Authenticate. Identify.

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We offer easy to use payment risk services that allow you to recognize good customers and to detect fraud and stop bad customers.

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How we do it

We maintain the largest real- time network of individual, business, and account information to mitigate payment risk - all easily integrated into your existing workflow.

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You can reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction with fact-based real-time data.  "Zero Pain" Integration means faster Implementation driving immediate results.


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Over 1,000 customers with 1,285,342,162 transactions processed

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30 JUL

Eliminate the Risks of Accepting Checks

So many customers still pay by check - retailers, lenders, insurers, professional services, not for profits, municipalities and government agencies have no option but to handle the risks as best as they can. They constantly have to worry about checks bouncing, bank fees, and dealing with negative…

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16 JUL

23 Billion Chances (To Get Nailed By ACH Fraud)

Automated Clearing House(ACH) payment volume is growing and so is your risk for potential fraud. In fact, ACH transactions have increased by over 2,000% during the last 30 years and business-to-business ACH payments have skyrocketed. The total number of ACH transactions grew to 23 billion,…

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